Expert Orthopedic Rehab

Ozark Physical Therapy Specialists provide quality orthopedic rehab to patients in the Mountain Home, AR area. Our team is the right choice for those dealing with orthopedic issues or injuries with years of experience to put to work for you. We provide a personalized approach to treatment and strive to get you back into your regular routine as soon as possible. Call us today to make an appointment or to ask any questions about our services.
Rehab for hand and arm

Certified Hand, Arm & Shoulder

We provide rehabilitation and rehab for all kinds of upper body issues, including:
Tennis Elbow
Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tear and Repair
Wrist or Hand Fractures Custom Splinting 
Finger or Thumb Dislocations/Sprains
Pre or Post Operative Care for Shoulder Surgery
Elbow, Wrist or Hand Surgery
Tendon Lacerations/Repairs
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Neurological Deficits and Strokes

Custom Molded Foot Orthotics
Orthotics can be very helpful for people whose various foot types need guidance to achieve efficient walking or running. The position of the foot as it reacts to the ground has known influence on bony position, ligamentous integrity, and muscle adaptation. Abnormal adaptive patterns elsewhere in the body are often triggered by the aberrant position, muscle inactivity and lack of support and sensory awareness at the foot and ankle. Custom orthotics assists the patient in offsetting these tendencies. The orthotic is fabricated to compliment the individuals bony and soft tissue alignment and often can alleviate knee pain and has been researched and proven to prevent ACL injury in athletes who pronate. Paul Henry has experience creating orthotics for over 20 years.
Injury rehab exercise

Total Body

We treat everything from ankle sprains to knee injury and more. Our team can handle many types of issues including: 
Pre and Post Operative Orthopedic Care
Hip, Knee, Shoulder
Sports Injuries
ACL strain/tear or repairs
Ankle Sprains
Knee Injuries 
Balance Training
Neurological Deficits & Strokes 


Custom Foot Orthotics in Mountain Home, AR

Other issues

Ozark Physical Therapy Specialists can treat a variety of other issues and injuries as well, including back and neck problems. Pre and post operative care for orthopedic issues is another area where we are able to provide assistance.
We can address many sports injuries and we are experienced in pain management. We are also able to help patients with balance training and stroke rehabilitation. Not sure we can do what you need? Give us a call and ask. We handle a wide range of rehabilitation services.
Physical Therapy Specialist explaining a patient his x-ray to provide reliable orthopedic care in Mountain Home, AR
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