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Ozark Physical Therapy Specialists
Why Choose Ozark PT Specialists
You have a physical challenge and we have the answer.  We will not stop until we have found a solution that empowers you to reach your personal well-being goals.  We work alongside you to find the root cause of your symptoms, rather than simply chasing your pain.  We watch how you move and determine where the imbalance is, assessing your functional restrictions by identifying mechanical, neuromuscular and motor control deficits, and then treating the cause at it's source.  Humans were built for movement, and we strive to perfect your movement to allow pain-free functioning and return to a full life.

Ozark PT Specialists constantly evaluates and re-evaluates your needs at each treatment session and appropriately directs your care as a building block for subsequent sessions. This ensures continuity of care with each treatment session.

One on One Individualized Care:
Experienced Physical Therapists: Over 20 years of patient care and advanced continuing education contributes to the knowledge base which directs the most complete, time efficient and cost effective care as possible in addressing your individualized needs. We are fortunate to have like-minded professionals who understand how the body functions when it is out of balance and who can appropriately direct a complete physical therapy program. Staying current with research, together with patient care experience allows us to direct the course of patient care with confidence.  The difference in this care is best explained by the fact this office sees many patients who have been seen by multiple providers for their same problems and not achieved the desired results or satisfaction they receive at Ozark PT Specialists.
Small Office Setting: Our office ensures the physical therapist's program is directed to each patient's individualized needs.  Billing questions are answered in our office to your satisfaction. Patient care schedules can be adjusted to meet individuals' needs. Patient concerns are always promptly attended. Parking is just outside our office.
Compassionate Caregivers: We treat teenagers, the elderly, and every age group in between through the course of a day. We pride ourselves in helping most age groups: young athletes, college students, week-end warriors, runners, geriatric athletes, retirees and those individuals in shape or out of shape. Our friendly and caring staff take pride in the environment they work and are professionals with a passion.
Wellness Oriented: Our physical therapists are trained to understand how pathology is created, they are the ideal person to assist those individuals in analyzing various neuromuscular and structural factors contributing to reoccurring problems, injury or pain. Restoring postural balance or neutrality is a main focus of care.  Optimal alignment from a balanced muscular system means muscles are in a position of rest, and are also positioned to strengthen more efficiently and properly stabilize joints. These are the interconnected relationships from top to bottom on each individual person, and our aim is to restore postural balance of the entire system.  We often address the compensatory postures and imbalances contributing to pathology and are trained to look deeper at underlying factors contributing to pathology, addressing the root of the problem for long term relief.
Collaborative Care: We recognize physical therapy is one part of achieving maximum functional performance and pain relief in solving the patient's problems. We communicate with  referring physicians and other healthcare professionals in order for patients to achieve their desired results.
Physical therapist oversees patient exercise
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