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Workers Compensation Care in Mountain Home, AR

We work with all types of workers' compensation companies and claims adjusters to provide excellent care to you, if you are injured on the job!

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At Ozark PT Specialists, our therapists and staff pride themselves on their expertise in managing and treating work-related injuries and illnesses covered under Workers' Compensation.  We provide state-of-the-art care for specific injuries and cumulative trauma disorders.  Our highly skilled physical and occupational therapists develop individualized programs to meet the specific needs of the injured worker, to manage claim costs and to get the employee back on the job safely and quickly.  Ozark PT Specialists understand that patients need to be seen quickly so we streamline the referral process to get an appointment made, obtain authorization, and communicate with the doctor, claim adjuster, and patient regarding their process in therapy.  Communication among all participating members of a workers' compensation claim is crucial and Ozark PT Specialists is willing to go the extra mile for a speedy recovery.

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